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Clients love the work of Hilda and her team!

The greatest compliment is when a past bride will call and say, “hey Hilda thank God you are still in business. You did my wedding years ago and now my daughter is going to Homecoming. Are you available?”

Or a mom will call and say, “you and your artists did our other two daughter’s weddings and now our last daughter is getting married,are you available?”

They remembered our service. This means we are doing what we are suppose to be doing; providing a service that our clients will remember us by.

The Hilda Kershman studio, and more specifically, Alina Otero, was amazing to work with! I set up a consultation with Alina a few months before my wedding, and she spend several hours with me going over everything that I could possibly want to try out with my hair and makeup. She did numerous different hair styles and we played with different makeup looks and found something that worked great with my wedding colors. She took photos at our consultation and sent them to me to share with friends and family and then had them printed for use on the morning of my wedding. For the wedding day, she came to our hotel and was flexible with start times, was efficient and was able to help my mom find a hair and makeup style that made her happy and beautiful! My hair stayed perfect all day despite the near 100% humidity that day, and my makeup didn’t budge until I took it off. I just got my wedding photos back and my hair and makeup look perfect, and my mom looked gorgeous. To top it off, Alina is very sweet and funny, and SUPER responsive to emails, phone calls, and texts. She made my life a million times easier and helped me decrease my stress level. I cannot say enough good things about her and the company. I definitely recommend her for anyone planning a wedding! 5/16/2015
I cannot brag enough on how beautiful Hilda and her team made me and my bridesmaids feel the day of my wedding. My wedding was over 3 months ago, and people are still asking me who did our hair and makeup. She is a pro! 6/22/2013
The absolute best in Hair and Makeup. Very professional. Hilda and her team have been taking care of brides and photo shoots for many years. I can say that the quality and beauty she creates is awesome! With the expertise of knowing what looks best and your desires, she will make sure you glow!
from Momentville
Hilda and her team have got hair and makeup for a down to a science! They are truly the best in the business. I personally worked with Alina Christine, who worked wonders for my wedding day! She was always incredibly sweet and responsive to all of my questions. Both of them made me and my bridesmaids feel like rockstars, no matter how crazy the morning became. I would definitely recommend their services to any bride!
I worked with Alina and she was wonderful! I would highly recommend Hilda Kershman and her associates (especially Alina) to all brides-to-be! I will definitely be visiting again for future special occassions!
I searched high and low for a good makeup artist. After testing MANY, I finally KNEW she was the one. I dont wear makeup on a regular day to day basis. So I didn’t want to look CAKED for my important day. All the others put WAY too much on saying YOU LOOK WONDERFUL but i FELT like I was wearing 5 layers of paste on me! I didn’t FEEL right. Her makeup was so light I didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything. PLUS – I finally looked somwhere close to my age. I’m 26 but everyone keeps thinking I’m this little 12 year old girl. I’m asian so I have no eye-line and I never got the eye makeup right – reason why I stopped all together trying to put on makeup. It’s a shame I can’t afford her EVERY time I go out…